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ILQC DJ Visuals aims to make the best audio reactive visuals available to everyone. Fully compatible with Serato Video on Mac, ILQC DJ Visuals react to your music. Not only do they look amazing but they are tiny file sizes and super simple to use!

  1. Un-zip your download file
  2. Open up Serato with Serato Video
  3. Drag an audio track onto the deck
  4. Drag your ILQC DJ Visuals into the video mixer
  5. Hit Play and BOOM

Time to get the party started!

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Feel free to contact us through email – support@iloveqc.org

A: When using LiveFX inside Serato you can pick to have 16:9 or 4:3 output, all our content is designed to work perfectly for whichever aspect ratio you are working with. If you set the Serato Video settings to centre cut, then it will make sure your output scales correctly.


A: LiveFX are a collection of stunning Quartz compositions, which we call LiveFX. Working with Serato, LiveFX is a tool that adds dynamic video content synced to your own DJ set. Staying perfectly in time with any track, LiveFX does just that – it generates amazing live visuals for your audience freeing you up to concentrate on the music.

LiveFX responds to your music in real time, so any change is immediately reflected on screen. These Quartz compositions stay razor sharp when projected up to any size and they never loop, keeping your music looking as fresh as it sounds. Not only that, but LiveFX work perfectly in Mix Emergency so if you’re already rocking that application you have nothing to worry about.

A: LiveFX files are tiny compared to video files (up to 100 times smaller!) so Serato is free to run uninterrupted. Our files are also extremely simple to use – just drag and drop to load them into Serato Video just like movies.

A: Please check your junk inbox incase your invoice has been filtered into a spam folder. If the download link is not there, please email: support@djvisuals.org or use the form below.

A: We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your download.  Our packs include both LiveFX and HD video versions of the pack and so can be quite large, make sure you are on a strong broadband connection and let it run for a while.  If you still can’t get your pack please contact us on support@djvisuals.org or use the form below.

A: We have a tutorial to help you do this here:

Basically you just need to plug an hdmi cable into your mac if its a retina version or use a display adapter to connect to a VGA or DVI cable if thats what your projector needs.  The adapters are available from apple stores and online.